12+ Plantuml Use Case

12+ Plantuml Use Case. In the case of plantuml, because the diagram source text is available, it can be used as starting point to create the documetation. Plantuml use case diagrams ●sequence diagrams ●class diagrams ●.

Use-Case Diagram: How to control alignment of use cases ...
Use-Case Diagram: How to control alignment of use cases … from www.plantuml.com

To preview plantuml diagram in vs code with. Find a custom version using plantuml in the appendix. Unlike dragging and dropping different before installing plantuml extension on vs code, make sure you have the following prerequisites

But then (mixed case) gets left aligned and cases a and b are too wide apart.

12+ Plantuml Use Case. This site has different variety of plantuml examples with rendered use case diagram. Plantuml helps us to create a visual representation/documentation of our code flow. We can use this tool for visual. Plantuml is a really awesome way to create diagrams by writing code instead of drawing and dragging visual elements.

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