13+ Isd1820 Circuit Diagram

13+ Isd1820 Circuit Diagram. If you want extern power amplifier circuit to speakers, you can use lm386, d2283, d2322, ta7368, mc34119 etc amplifier ic. This is taken almost directly from the isd1820 data sheet.

Voice/Audio Recorder Playback Circuits | Homemade Circuit … from homemade-circuits.com

All the pins of isd1820 are extended out with an connector, which can powered and controlled by microprocessor directly. Microphone is on board 4. The isd1820 voice module board may be a good answer for an additional single sound effect to a project.

Voice record module is base on isd1820, which a multiple‐message record/playback device.it can offers true single‐chip voice recording, no‐volatile storage, and playback capability around 10 seconds.

13+ Isd1820 Circuit Diagram. Here is the circuit diagram, i hope it will be helpful though the diagram is not proper i made it in hurry. Connect vcc from isd1820 to any 3v power supply. This is taken almost directly from the isd1820 data sheet. Referring to the proposed 20 second message record/playback circuit diagram using the ic isd1820

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