the moral pulse of the nation (or: Wellington is Sodom & Gomorrah)

Well the Almightly must be about to deliver the big firework to Wellington any day now.

According to the Sunday Star Times Wellingtonians are much more free and easy than the rest of the country – even Aucklanders.

I’m not sure why that comes as a huge shock. Have you looked at the size of the churches in South Auckland? This isn’t just a Brian Tamaki thing either – most of them have been around for quite some time.

Wellington is a very transient population and a lot of that transience is young professional (and often single) people passing through.

There’s a few more surprising things in the survey. The biggest one is that there are a few supporters of Destiny and United Future who DON’T beleive that gay sex or infidelity is wrong. This may be a margin of error thing, but still…

I’m extremely surprised at the third or so who believe pre-marital sex is wrong. That’s got to be a testament to either (a) a dodgy survey or (b) a fair whack of hypocrisy. I just don’t believe around a third of New Zealanders are virgins on their wedding night.

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