Mallard and English on Sky

Saw the tail end of Trevor Mallard and Bill English being interviewed on Larry Williams. A lot about accountability in the education sector, NCEA, and issues such as the Wananga, and how no-one had ever really been held accountable for the cock ups. Also, of course, the interest free student loans, etc.

Mallard was trying very hard to be Mr Reasonable and he did quite well for a time but then lost it when Westpac’s costings of the interest free student loans came up. Did another rant about how cockeyed the costings were but, again, had to admit the only costings he had were done by the Labour Party.

English did much better than the last time I saw him up against Mallard the night the interest free policy was announced. On that occasion he was bloody diabolical: this time he was cogent and reasonable.

The best moment was the end. Sky had run a poll on external exams and the result came in and Mallard made some smart arse comment about the question being badly written and “if you worked for NCEA you’d have lost your job”.

It doesn’t pay to try being a smart arse with Williams, who came back with “No I wouldn’t – you never hold them accountable for anything.”

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