Muslims, virgins and dried fruit

I’ve just been sent another screed on the whole Islamic suicide bomber thing.

It has given me food for thought.

It touches upon the whole promise that if young Islamists become martyrs they go to paradise and get to shag 72 virgins.

It also trots out the line many of us have heard before, that there was some sort of misunderstanding and that ‘virgins’ is actually some sort of dried fruit.

Virgin – dried fruit – hey, it’s a mistake anyone could make.

It does though underline what many critics of Islam say – that it’s a very anti-women religion.

What’s in it for the women suicide bombers. I wonder? The chance to shag 72 fumbling, nervous, overheated and overexcited young men? I can see many having second thoughts.

A choice between that and 72 dried fruit and a lot of women I know would take the additional fibre.

If the dried fruit were covered in chocolate – something like those chocolate raisins Heards used to sell – it would be no contest.

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