One thing Sir Bob got very wrong

Jones used to reckon there was one unbeatable rule of thumb about political leaders: if you could imagine them in a Scout uniform they were doomed.

I think he first ventured this theory in the days of the Muldoon/Rowling contests: you couldn’t possibly imagine Muldoon in a Scoutmaster uniform, Jones reckoned, whereas Rowling had “dib dib dib/dob dob dob” written all over him.

Geoff Palmer was all woggle and knobbly knees. Jim Mclay only slightly less so.

However…the current PM breaks that rule. It is not difficult at all to imagine Helen Clark in an “Akela” Cub Mistresses’ uniform.

In fact, once you have done so it is difficult to envisage her in anything else.

4 thoughts on “One thing Sir Bob got very wrong

  1. Dear RobWhy am I the only person who comments on your blog?I am sure others read it, perhaps because you are a professional writer others find you scary.Anyway you will need to rectify this.The best way I found was to start including commentary about sex. I tried to help you with this but you cut me off at the pass.Cathy


  2. Cathy,Yes, I had noticed the write about sex = get comments equation. I suppose my post about the muslims/virgins/dried fruit qualifies as touching on sex, but it didn’t get anything.At a stretch, the comments about Helen Clark in a cub mistresses uniform might cater for some minority tastes I suppose.More importantly though – when did I cut you off at the pass??


  3. Desisting from asking follow up questions in regards to my “sticking up” for men in their 50’s.Pass, cut, off.And you break the golden rule of NZ political sexual analogy on blogs. Helen Clark + sex = instant contraception for your readers. Never mention the two words together. Birth rates drop!


  4. Cathy wrote: “Desisting from asking follow up questions in regards to my “sticking up” for men in their 50’s.Pass, cut, off”That stopped you? I’m surprised.the main question I had was around how long the breaks were between each sesh… Mind you the thought has since occurred to me that the situation was probably on holiday. Five times a day is no problem if there isn’t much else to do….


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