Aussies and drugs

The redoubtable blog consultant Cathy Odgers has posted some advice to Australians taking drugs to Asia.

Just say no, is the gist of it. The Asian nations don’t like it and they don’t muck around

From what I’ve seen that’s dead right. I saw a local arrested for trying to sell marijuana to a tourist in Nepal a few years back. They’re not big on reading the prisoner their rights in Nepal. In any case, from what I saw these seemed confined to the right to lie down and bleed a lot. It was pretty ugly.

But I have a theory about the Australians, drugs and Asia. They’re acting out a kind of innate genetic throwback to their convict ancestors, except its gotten warped.

instead of getting convicted and then being transported, they’re transporting themselves and then getting convicted.

At this rate, in about 300 years, Indonesia will have a cracker of a cricket team.

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