Lax Sexual Practices

The nation is indebted to Graeme and Annabel Woodfield, who, in a letter to the editor of the Herald today, outline the big issue facing New Zealand.

Lax sexual practices.

“But what political party is prepared to advocate a tightening of our lax sexual practices?” they write. “We urgently need enlightened leadership and less publicity for immorality. But how?”

New Zealand owes the Woodfields a great debt of gratitude for this cry from the heart. Unfortunately though, they do not specify what these lax sexual practices might be.

I have a few ideas, but I am reluctant to engage in idle speculation. In any case, I am always willing to learn more.

New Zealand is crying out for leadership in this area. We desperately need to know more about these lax sexual practices.

The Woodfields need to finish what they have begun. Perhaps a good starting point – and because the best leadership is by example – the Woodfields need to demonstrate to the rest of us what non-lax sexual practices might be.

This is no time to be squeamish.

This is a time for leadership.

One thought on “Lax Sexual Practices

  1. Do they mean not washing your hands before touching or failure to clean the sheets after obtaining a wet patch?Bloody Christians I suggest.Graeme is most likely having an affair with Annabel’s sister. That is my prediction.


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