Don Brash is not a feminist

Don Brash is under fire because, when he was asked if he was a feminist, he said he wasn’t.

It has sparked a debate on whether men can or can’t call themselves feminists.

I don’t want to venture an opinion on that, just an observation. The only men I’ve ever known who called themselves feminists (and I knew quite a few back in my Uni days) did it for one reason.

It helped them get laid.

A couple I knew were honest enough to admit it: it was no less true of the others.

Come to think of it, there was another subgroup who called themselves feminist for a different reason:because their girlfriends told them to (I’m not making this up: I flatted with one of them)

I suppose its possible this group started the same as the others and then got more than they bargained for, but, knowing the individuals concerned, I doubt it.

They were just rather confused, sensitive young men who were attracted to excessively bossy women.

You know.


7 thoughts on “Don Brash is not a feminist

  1. Yeah, but what kind of chicks did they end up porking, Rob?Yes, damn straight. Repulsive semi-lesbo sows who had all the qualities of a jahumba.Not something anyone wants to brag about. So don’t start confessing that you were once the sensitive type.For no reason at all, I’m reminded of my first day at varsity: I stumbled into a lecture hall of seventy, and my bowel started to suggest that I had unleafed a womens’ studies course, on account of myself being one of just four guys in the room.I was about to turn on my heel when my nose detected perfume. I distinctly remember thinking: “What the FUCK? Butch bitches don’t wear perfume!”I looked around again, and there was an outstandingly high proportion of hot chicks in the room. Suddenly I didn’t mind that a majority of them might swing the other way, since they were ripe for conversion.Ah, yes. University French. Always attracted the tidy Marsden girls who never planned to do anything useful with their lives, on account of being sufficiently physically appealing to just marry well.


  2. Firstly, Rob, I don’t think I’ve yet given you permission to call me “Insolent”.The one problem with claiming to be a lesbian is that you have to put up with the repulsive, truck-driving, butch ones.Not one to court controversy, but it is my firm belief that true lesbians do not exist: simply chicks who are permanently cranky at men because they can’t get any.On the other hand, all chicks are bi. The ones who claim to be straight have really just been living closeted lives.


  3. IP wrote”Firstly, Rob, I don’t think I’ve yet given you permission to call me “Insolent”.”Well, Insolent, I’m not using it as proper noun, I’m using it as an adjective.“The one problem with claiming to be a lesbian is that you have to put up with the repulsive, truck-driving, butch ones.”No it doens’t. I jsut put up with the women I like, that’s all…Are all women bi? Perhaps in some people’s imaginations…I’ve known some gay/bi guys who reckoned all men are secretly gay/bi. I didn’t believe that either.


  4. Once again I swear on the 1991 budget that IP and I are not the same person.Although one can’t help laugh at his continual assertion that “all woman are bi”. For his purpose it must be a highly pragmatic aassumption.


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