More public sector strike action – please

I don’t think there’s enough of this.

For too long there’s been a tendency for this goverment to take its public sector client base for granted.

In particular, I feel, the work of those downtrodden souls in the Inland Revenue Department has never been properly acknowledged.

It is clear what needs to be done. There must be IMMEDIATE strike action from all IRD employees. It may be a long, hard and bitter fight, but their cause is just.

They must down tools IMMEDIATELY and walk off the job RIGHT NOW.

And even if it takes years, they must hold out for their rights.

2 thoughts on “More public sector strike action – please

  1. I think IRD wages are far too low. As a 1st year at PwC in 1999 I was earning more than a senior investigator with 4-5 yrs experience.Some say IRD workers are only those who are not smart enough to get employed at big accounting and legal firms. But I disagree. Wholeheartedly.Pay quality for the IRD measured against those accountants and lawyers in the private sector NOW!And strike until you do not get equality.


  2. The problem with the IRD “workers” is that they are too dull and embittered to ever go on strike. Their jealousy precludes the bastrds from ever getting off their ass and doing something to help the economy, rather than hinder those who make it go round.


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