Don Brash’s secret agenda

Readers of this blog will now get tan exciting preview of the next Sunday Star Times revelation about the secret influences on Don Brash.

Emails leaked to the Sunday Star Times show a high powered right wing business group was lobbying the National Party leader to surgically extend his penis even before he become National’s leader.

This ‘hard right’ group also promised the National leader greater satisfaction and more “Girls! Girls! Girls!”

It is clear from the emails, revealed by a National Party source who is very very very upset and may yet be even more upset if they catch up with him/her, that there is a secret agenda and that Brash was being lobbied hard by shady groups even before he took over from Bill English.

In a further secret email, another business lobby group strongly urged the fledgling National Party leader to earn thousands of dollars from the comfort of his own home.

The email is silent on whether this would be ,funded by tax cuts.

Yet another top secret email form a business lobbyist requested the National leader commit New Zealand to investing in a number of ventures in Nigeria, and that he supply his credit card number to help facilitate this

And a further shady right wing organisation offered to introduce the neophyte politician to Sexy College Girls.

Prime Minister Helen Clark said this revealled the extent of National’s secret Hard Right Agenda.

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