A domestic weekend…

Glorious weekend in Wellington. The Orongorongos a developing sea of yellow across the harbour as the gorse buds ripen…

Calm, cloudless weather. Cool, extremely still evening; the sort where you can almost touch the dew as it settles on you. The dull regular thud of the trampoline across the gully and the yells of the kids as they play on it.

Someone (can’t recall who) once pointed out that the sound of children playing sounds delightful when you’re far enough away not to hear what they are actually saying.

Mowed the lawn for the first time since June. Ours is a classic Wellington lawn – i.e . you need to have successfully completed a rock climbing course before you mow it.

Spent a great deal of time pulling the weedeater to bits and calling into question its parentage and its lifestyle choices.

We are now getting a new weed eater and the skin on my knuckles should grow back in a week or so. The children who were playing on the trampoline now have some interesting new words to try out.

Also took the two and a half year old to swimming school. This is at 9am on Saturday and the pool is full of dads giving their other halves a lie in.

I could comment on the sexual politics of all this but screw it.

The two and half year old is – for medical reasons – a bit behind the others but she still loves swimming. Went down the mini- slide with a dubious expression but surfaced with a big, exuberant grin on her face. Marvellous to see.

However the classes also involve singing. So you have a bunch of Kiwi dads in the water with their kids, all mumbling along to ‘the wheels on the bus’.

The only way this is really going to work is if we all have a couple of beers beforehand and pretend it is karaoke.

I can though see a few drawbacks with this plan.

5 thoughts on “A domestic weekend…

  1. As nice as your weekend sounds Rob you still have not sold me on family life.Give me Greenacres and a domestic servant working while I have my feet up in the sun at a waterfront all day brunch outlet, any day of any weekend.


  2. I see. I did enjoy it, always good to see how the “family people” live.Greenacres are people who come in with little green outfits and magically mow your lawns for you and do other household chores as well on request.May not have reached Wellington yet? Or does your other half hide the pamphlets?


  3. Yeah I know the sort of thing – one of them lives down the road. Has a green truck with a Mr Mower or Mr Clippy or Mr Two stroke logo on it….Greenacres sounded like a retirement home and I figured this wasn’t what you meant.


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