Graceless under pressure….

It seems labour’s Auckland Central MP Judith Tizard has been putting a few noses out of joint.

Unfortunately the fact the audience may not have been predisposed to liking her message is pretty irrelevant to her behaviour.

One of the things I respect Rod Donald for is that I’ve seen him, time and time again, front up to finance and investment sector talkfests when he must know almost everyone there is agin him.

But he gets up and puts his party’s case. What’s more, he doesn’t just phone it in: he’s usually taken the trouble to do a bit of research about some relevant issue.

It’s about respect for your audience. It’s about hard work. It’s also about having enough of a sense of purpose to believe that if you put your case you might change a few minds, or at least send them away thinking.

And its about not being a waste of space.

3 thoughts on “Graceless under pressure….

  1. I can’t believe her arrogance. What am I saying, of course I can believe her arrogance.I have listened to her scream at public meetings though and quite frankly the less she talks the better it is for Labour.She is cringe 101 really.An example of a woman that needs a good r**t from a male if ever I saw one.


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