The public right to know…

TV3 tried to get an interview with the rather, err, colourful, National Party candidate for Tauranga, Bob Clarkson, yesterday.

the reporter – a woman – went in to his office and discussed the matter with him and National MP Tony Ryall, off camera.

According to her subsequent news bulletin, the discussion ended when Clarkson got up and made some comment about how he couldn’t talk any more because his crotch was under pressure.

This is the sort of man we NEED in Parliament. Not only does he have the balls to wager his left testicle on an All Black win, but he freely discusses the state of the contents of his trousers with a female journalist when he is already under fire for sexual harassment allegations.


I also think we need to know what Tony Ryall made of this. Was his crotch under pressure? And if so, why?

In 1984 the wacky and fun loving people of Tauranga gave us Winston, in their bid to improve the colour of politics and the general gaiety of the nation.

There’s no doubt Winston is getting tired. This Clarkson bloke though I can see being a huge amount of fun for the next three years.

I can’t wait.

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