Who knows who…

The big CO started this: which bloggers know each other in non-cyberspace? She asks: Who knows who the most? (which I think was the name of a song by the Exponents).

I don’t seem to know all that many. David Farrar, of course, whose blog is a magnet and who manages to maintain a genial presence and firm political views (a rare combination) at Kiwiblog.

David was in Shipleys’ office when I started in the Gallery.

Two of the boys at NZBC – Rob O’Neill and Mark Broatch – were at IDG when I was writing for Computerworld in the mid-1990s, as was sometime contributor to the site, Andrea Malcolm. Of the bunch of very helpful people there she stands out. Soemthing I shall always be grateful for.

Russell Brown of Public Address was another IDG-er, although he came on after I schemed my way out of Auckland and down to the Wellington office and I had much less to do with him.

David Young, of Dog Biting men, of course, cotnributes a coloumn to NBR, but I first met him when he was a press sec for Act. He went on to do PR for the BRT. David is one of those guys who you just know is noticing a hell of a lot more than he lets on.

And last, but certainly not least, Francis Till. Another NBR contributor, it was Francis who first introduced me to the concept of blogging. My reaction at the time, I have to confess was “Eh? Where’s the payoff??”

I still wonder that sometimes.

6 thoughts on “Who knows who…

  1. Still none of you fuckers know who that IP bastard is. Just waiting for CO to accidentally post an IP post to the CO blog. Then the truth will be revealed.Farrar claims to know IP, but I wouldn’t trust Farrar any more than I would an albino.


  2. I’ll giggle at the water-cooler when I see you, Rob. Your weblog’s super.Although, I’m sure I don’t really notice much at all. If I did, I’d write a bit more on my weblog, wouldn’t I?


  3. Cathy,The last time I remember girls giggling at work over me was the Monday after my farewell party in Auckland before I moved to Wellington.This is because (a) it does not take much to make me drunk (b) in some circumstances I get exhuberantly drunk and tend to sing, hug people and tell them how fantastic they are (c) this was one of those occasions. Apparantly I even tried to give a bearhug to the noise control officer who turned up, but I have no memory of this.I don’t tend to behave that way now. I am a sober responsible member of society.


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