Turn Off

Turned on the radio at 9.05am to hear Linda Clark announcing the first hour would involve Episode 5382 in the ongoing story of how George Bush is both extremely stupid and a mastermind of an evil conspiracy to wage genocidal war (I’m paraphrasing here).

Turned off the radio at 9.06am.

Change the record Linda. Please.

4 thoughts on “Turn Off

  1. RobHere is a Linda Clark story for you.I was in bed with a middle aged male friend of mine whom I am very fond of. After suggesting a morning quick one before work he decided to turn on the ginga squawking anorexic budgie in an attempt to simultaneously update himself on the days current events so he could work in his chosen profession which is not too unlike yours. I think they call it “multi tasking” in the business.I am not a bird lover and so blood pressure changed suddenly by the change in decibels in the room.A wrestle for control of the radio then ensued until he overpowered me. This was not in any way arousing.I went out of the room with the duvet and sat in protest in the hallway until he turned the radio to the music channel.Lesson – No one should be made to have a morning quickie listening to anyone with a surname of “Clark”.


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