Trying on clothes..

Maria Von Trapp has a post which concludes with the question:

Oh yeah. This isn’t controversial, but the guy at dinner was telling us how he never tries on pants, instead he wraps the waist around his neck and the legs around his wrists to check for size.

I really don’t get that. There is so much more to check in a pair of trousers than just the waist measurements. Any guys care to elaborate? I believe Psycho Milt and Paul are the oldest male commentators on this blog, so off you go boys – what’s the story?

Well its quite simple, and while I haven’t tried that particular technique I can well understand it.

the thing about shopping for clothes and us blokes – well, most of us blokes anyway – is there is one over-riding rule: LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO WASTE TIME TRYING ON SHORTS (or T-shirts or whatever…)

An ideal shop goes through these stages:

  1. Enter shop
  2. Find type and size and hopefully colour (although that’s purely optional) of clothing item bought last time
  3. Buy it.
  4. Piss off out of it and do something interesting.

this is why most of us don’t like shopping with wives/partners/girlfriends and will try to avoid doing so.

Unfortunately many women have different ideas which is why so many insist on accompanying their menfolk. This at least triples the amount of time spent hanging around in clothing stores for the aforesaid males, slowly losing the will to live.

personal declaration here: My other half does not insist, although she reserves the right to have Views, and to Express those Views.

The four step process outlined above falls down if the previously bought item is no longer being made and/or is now in some different form.

this happens often and is a deliberate tactic by the clothing industry (which, let us put it frankly, is run by women and gay men) against blokey men.

The four step process also falls down if there has been, how shall we put this, a change in the size requirements of aforesaid bloke.

And yes, there probably is another personal declaration due on that front as well, over the past two years, but I shall leave readers to draw the obvious conclusions.

2 thoughts on “Trying on clothes..

  1. We need more clothing designed by MEN for MEN. Stuff that stays the same colour and shape year after year, like Swandris do!As time goes on, I just buy one with another ‘X’Minimal time wasted in uninteresting shops!Trousers- black, green or blue (formal, outdoors, jeans) how friggin’ hard is that!Shirts- plaid or one colour- here more variety is acceptable.Labels on the inside.Comfort, comfort, comfort- fuck style!Purple is never an option!


  2. Hello. Just an FYI, Rob’s Blockhead Blog has been added to a new repository of NZ blog links at < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>.Cheers,Rich.


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