Resourcefully Human

Insolent Prick (who still refuses to give his real name, despite my growing uneasy feeling that I may have met him in a previous incarnation) has a post on HR people.

It is perhaps time for me to come clean and admit I once considered a job in HR.

At the end of my time at Auckland Uni I was wondering what to do – whether to return to journalism or do something else.

I went along to the and saw a careers guidance adviser at Auckland Uni, outlined my background, credentials and interests.

He suggested I become a careers guidance adviser.

I thought that sort of thing only happened in comedy sketches, but I swear its true.

When I looked dubious he suggested human resources. Gave me several leaflets on it. Feeling like I’d just been bailed up by a Jehovah’s Witness, I backed out of the office.

Went home. Read the leaflets. It sounded….well…Firstly, it involved basically enforcing work processes. I’m incredibly un-process-focussed.

It looked bureaucratic. As someone once said, journalists will always look upon the floor as a big, flat filing cabinet. As I do.

But mostly, it looked Pointless and Boring. As I decided when I was about 18 that boredom is my greatest enemy, it was fast becoming clear by this point that I should go back to journalism.

The great thing about journalism is it is like sex. If it is boring you’re not doing it right.

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