Burn Baby Burn…

Here’s some tales for the Slip Slap Slop Brigade, now that summer is finally making its tardy appearance.

Rob’s Top Five Worst Cases of Sunburn:

5. First indication I had of a thinning pate was a long cycle ride about 10 years’ ago. It was high summer and I put plenty of block on…but failed to make allowances for the air vent on the top of the cycle helmet. Result: a nasty rectangular blister on the scalp.

4. Burns on the underside of the feet while canoodling on a beach. Everything else covered. Made walking difficult for a day or two.

3. The ears. A real pain if you sleep on your side.

2. Backs of the legs, working in the market gardens one summer as a teenager. A bit tender that night, sure enough: the real kicker was when I got out of bed and straightened my legs. The skin sort of snapped just behind the knees. Nasty.

1. This is the worst – didn’t happen to me, but was a legendary incident in the Auckland University Tramping Club. A tramp which ended up on the top of Ruapehu as part of the post-exam Summit Luncheon Party. Sunny day on the snow. The victim had put on sunblock almost everywhere…BUT he wasn’t wearing underpants under his shorts. The reflected rays off the snow…well, you get the picture. You’d never think of putting 15 Plus on your carrot and beetroot, would you?

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