About time

NZ has joined the space race, we learned this week.

This is long overdue. It is a wonder, in fact that the US hasn’t previously decided to site its entire NASA programme here. Politics, I assume. The space programme sites were put where it was politically expeditious, and there aren’t many votes for Congress in the South Island of New Zealand.

Yet it is the obvious place for a space programme. As is well known, you can see the stars from this country better than almost anywhere else in the world. Not many people, not much night lights etc etc.

The Yanks could have saved a bundle if they’re put the space programme down here. All that expensive equipment needed to see where they’re going would not have been necessary. It would have been less costly, and the space ships would have been lighter. They’d have been able to go much faster.

I wrote about this to President Carter at the time but he never replied. I suppose he was too busy, what with the oil crisis and being attacked by that rabbit and everything.

But if they’d paid attention they’d have made it to the next solar system by now, no worries.

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