Trans Tasman relations

Looks like a Labor win in Australia later this year. The news that goody-two-shoes ex-Bible Class boy Labor leader Kevin Rudd went to a strip bar in New York is going down a storm (for all that our own PM has, in her lemon-mouthed way, deemed it “inappropriate”.

As my favourite Aussie columnist, John Birmingham, has put it so well,

of course, there’s pride too. Pride in a country where, it seems, a goodly number of voters have decided they’re more likely to vote for the Ruddinator now that they know they might finally get a PM who understands the only poll that counts is the only The Fabulous Tina is humping to a fine shine up there on stage in perfect time to ‘Honky Tonk Woman.’

Full article here

Personal declaration: never been to a strip club. Not my cup of tea. Besides, they don’t open until after my bed time. If other people want to, well, each to their own…

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