The Rugby – II



Famine and Pestilence shall lie upon the land….

The way it looks to me, at this point, is that the ABs had it in the bag until McAlister was sent off.

And he shouldn’t have been sent off – it looked to me as if he didn’t even run into the French guy deliberately, but had his eye on the ball when they collided. And the French guy definitely Hollywooded it.

From that point on the ABs were playing behind. Injuries to key players – Carter & Collins in particular – didn’t help. But they never caught up.

Couple of questions have to be asked about the appointment of such an inexperienced ref to such an important match. He looked out of his depth from the start and floundered more and more as the game wore on.

None of this should take away from the fact it was a magnificent French performance. It was.

They just should not have won, that’s all.

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