The Able Tasmans – Hold Me 1

Just won a wee competition over on Public Address to write about your favourite NZ album or EP – I nominated the Able Tasmans ‘Hey Spinner’ (I wans’t the only winner: there were five prizes).

Anyway, it was a great trip down memory lane, even if the memories of the period are somewhat mixed, the music was great.

Will blog sometime soon about the ‘Who Framed Colonel Mustard’ EP and breaking into the old O’Rorke Hall…

2 thoughts on “The Able Tasmans – Hold Me 1

  1. Lovely. A band who play their instruments and a poppy song with a beginning, middle and end. Those were the days.I’ve heard of this band but never heard them as I was busy being a Dad and a worker when they were around. People said they were good and I’m sorry to have missed them.I look forward to their reunion world tour (I’m in the UAE).


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