It is Friday Arvo.

A day at Nat Archives, doing research for a project I’m doing on political/economic history, a swim at the Freyberg (1km) and Chrissie party at the Toddler’s creche: back to the home office and tidying up for the day.

Nice new discovery, this stuff in the pic: Bunnahabhain.

It’s one of those fine Scottish single malts very carefully crafted so it is impossible to pronounce the name after one glass of the stuff.

The correct pronunciation involves sounding as if you are a gravel crusher clearing its throat.

Great way to kick back at the end of the week: glass of this stuff, and fired up the stereo. Mine’s got a five CD rotate so bunged in five different CDs and toed the ‘shuffle’ button.

Two Aussies: Cold Chisel’s East, Paul Kelly’s Wanted Man;

Two Kiwis – Screaming Meemees compilation ; and the Chills Kaleidoscope World

And the Pogues Best Of

Weird mix.

The Bunnahtahtauhahgraig or whatever the stuff is called is kicking in nicely now, thanks.

It’ll never replace my liquid God, though:

5 thoughts on “Argghhh……

  1. thats been my favourite whisky for about 15 years since i visited islay. Very definitely not a trendy brand. sometimes you want the smooth, sometimes you want the fiery. have a bottle of laphroaig in your cabinet for the more fiery feeling.I cannot think what your liquid god must be if there is something better than the bunne


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