Weekend jobs…

Spent the best part of the day shifting firewood. It’s a bit of a job: a truckload of gum gets dumped on the car pad and I spend the day shifting it down our path – (a classic Wellington path, zigzagging down the hill with six switchbacks; then down some steps). Just me and my little wheelbarrow. It’s a good substitute for a workout at the gym.

Arguably, it’s a bit less boring. You can play those amateur quantity surveying games in your head “now lets, see, that looks like about another 30-35 barrow loads, its taking me five minutes a barrow load when I time myself, so I should be finished by…”

Then of course you have to factor in how long each barrow load takes when you’re not timing yourself.

Or you do the war gaming …”Achtung! Ve vill invade this patch here where zey are veak, sweep up that side and take out that outcrop of bark over there, unt on to that pile there vich ist our ultimate objevtive. Ha harr! For you ze varr ist over!”*

Or, you can just think of silly things to write on your blog.

End of the day, a couple of Kingfisher Lagers washed down home made Rogan Josh and chased with a glass of Lagavulin. Bliss.

This morning: doing the accounts.

Not bliss.

*Sorry. We signed up to the History Channel recently. They owe Mr A Hitler big time. Without him they’d be reduced to computer-generated re-enactments of the Battle of Agincourt.

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