Poneke, who I link to over on the right, is no more.

Citing “occupational and family pressures” he’s gone offline, at least for a bit.

That blog went from nowhere to a must-read for a lot of people very quickly. I have a hunch it has been a victim of its success: the writer, who in his earlier days was one of the country’s finest journalists, now does media relations for a government agency.

Which might have been OK if the profile had been kept lower. Unfortunately it became well read by a lot of people.

Rightly so, I might add. Well written, thoughtful, and with the skill and guts to ask questions people would really rather were not asked.

It also stepped above some of the more adolescent attitudinising you get on a lot of blogs. It was a a blog for grown ups who are a bit beyond trite ideological face-pulling.

So it will definitely be missed. He’s hoping for a return when things are a bit less fraught, even if as a guest blogger on some of the established blogs.

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