Fashion, snow, and tramping

What a great break.

Snow bloody well everywhere. Spent a few days in the Matukituki Valley.

Got into Wanaka and went to the New World for supplies for the trip. It was full of young types in up-to-date ski gear, plus what seemed to be a few dodgy older blokes.

Then the thought occurred to me that I probably looked like a dodgy older bloke.

However the saving grace was I looked like a tramper, not an old bloke trying to look like a cool young skiier. Easy to pick out: the trampers mostly wear older and decidedly unfashionable gear.

Best example? The Kiwi Tramper is about the only character in the world who will wear shorts with long, and usually multi-coloured, polypro underneath. An English bloke I met trekking in Nepal reckoned it was the only way he could tell the Kiwis and the Aussies apart (to far too many people, the accents are the same).

It wasn’t a foolproof method. Another English guy we ran into was on a long cycling and trekking holiday which had started in NZ. He’d seen the NZ shorts and long polypro look; decided ‘that looks cool’ and adopted it for his travels.

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