Day it has been a

So there I am, emerging from the doctors, having spent quite a bit of time of late coughing up really evil looking bloody gobs of stuff.

“Take a few days off if you can,” was his advice: I’ve just decided to take at least the rest of today off.

The cellphone sounds its inimitable chime (in fact, its quite imitable, it’s something from the film Blazing Saddles I downloaded from the interweb and a version of it is here.)

“PM’s having a press conference, 12.30.”

Now, I could cry off. I could go home and go to bed, as planned.

Yep. ‘Course I could.

Just like border collies could refrain from chasing cars.

PM’s announcement – a lengthy measured speech aimed at Undecided Voterland At Home and in sharp contrast with the more hectoring tone we’ve heard of late – went round and round in circles a lot. The guts of it was, of course, ‘we’re the good guys and they’re not.’

Anyway, its all on now. The polls are going to narrow quite a bit I think.

I’m going to have some Chook Soup and pull the duvet over my scone for a a bit.

4 thoughts on “Day it has been a

  1. My mother's prescription:Wash lemons & slice (ie with skin); cover with water, bring to boil, add honey until sweet enough, strain & drink when cool enough – then rest.If you're in to whyskey (or whisky) you can add that too.


  2. Mum prescribed it for viruses but it might be worth a try for elections too.In spite of all my Scottish genes I haven’t learned to like whisky but I think it would probably be necessary if you wanted to feel better about elections.


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