My Chicken Soup could win the War on Terror…

..well, maybe not. But it seems to be working a bit.

Read a piece some years back in the science section of The Economist which quoted research on the old ‘chicken soup is good for a cold’ story: there is some evidence its true, apparently,. Don’t recall the details but its something to do with a hydrogen compound. The same compound is in garlic, apparently. It was all a bit technical, I’m afraid, and I was away the day we did Chemistry at Waiuku College.

Actually bought some Chook soup at New World on the weekend but it was awful. Threw it out. A lot of leeks in it. Even the other half hated it and she likes leeks.

So made my own, an old recipe.

Nothing too flash – lot of onions, lot of garlic, carrots, celery, barley etc.

One little secret though, a tip which seems to have been missed by the folks who make the commercial chicken soups.

The trick of a really good chicken soup is this:

Put a lot of chicken in it.

I pass on this tip free of charge: no copyright on it or anything. Although now I think of it, I could patent the idea. It does seem to be a new departure on existing practices.

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