The rowing machine is EVIL

I have been trying to get a bit more regular at the gym. There is a bloke there who I find inspiring. I look at him and think, man, I‘m NEVER going to let myself get that fat.

At present the regime is walking down Mt Vic to the gym, doing a spot on the rowing machine and then some weights, and then walking back up Mt Vic. The walking part is not huge – -about 5 kms – but being on a hill I figured it’s a good form of resistance training as well as the aerobic stuff.

The rowing machine though…. I use it to get the old heart rate up. It does that. I also, lets not mince matters here, sweat like a carthorse.

After seven minutes flat tack, me and the rowing machine resemble a podgy irrigation unit.

The thing that puzzles me is the notice on the machine which instructs people not to abuse the chain. How the hell do you do that?

Yell “Call yourself a f****** chain, do ya?” and insult its parentage?
Clip it around the side and snarl “Fix me some eggs!!” ?
Hell, I don’t’ know.

Then I hop off the thing, panting and soaked, and take a look at the meter, which tells me I have burnt off 79 calories.

Which is about what you get from an apple.

Big fat hairy deal.

One thought on “The rowing machine is EVIL

  1. My daughter used to row. She could dp 10 km on the mqachine in the same time I did 1.BTW, one of the funniest things I've ever heard was some guy on NatRad, wearing one of those Ipod devices that measures how many calories you're burning, eating 2 bacon sarnies & then running until the ipod told him he'd burned it off.The chundering half way must have helped, it sure was raw radio.


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