Rise and Shine, Sleepy Joes…

Whoohoo, splash. Some dips into harbour, a slow swim out around the pontoons. Even had a go at breaststroke, which I’ve never learnt properly.

Bunch of young folks on the beach. Playing volleyball, slitting to their boon box thingy.

Some modern young hip band, I figured. As I got closer, I seemed to recognises the tune.

This baby:


Now, I was two when that came out. Herman’s Hermits were a rather teenyboppery band (although on tour they seem to have had as opening acts some very non-teenybopper bands such as the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Who).

But basically they were for the wee kiddies. ‘No Milk Today’ is one of their better songs – written by Graham Gouldman, who also wrote the Hollies’ ‘Bus Stop’ (Poneke’s theme song). Both are more than cute love songs: there’s a level of detail in them which is as good as any of the slices of English lower middle class life being evoked at the same time by Ray Davies with the Kinks.

Gouldman was later a member and main-songwriter for 10cc who did, umm, lets see;…Dreadlock Holiday; Rubber Bullets; The Things We do For Love. Oh, and ‘I’m Not In Love’ which is Get Me A Bucket stuff.

Except I suspect they were taking the piss.

Anyway, Hermans Hermits… its kind of intriguing what the young ones are into. A few years back I came out of a tramping trip in the back of Nelson and a bunch of young blokes, aged about 17 I would say, pulled up in a battered old Corolla. Black t shirts were much in evidence. Out came the Jim Beam.

Now, you would think (or at least I did) that the musical accompaniment would be obvious. Led Zep. Cold Chisel. Deep Purple. Guns n Roses. AC/DC. You know. Stuff from the ‘It don’t mean a thang if it ain’t got that KerrRANGG!’ school of guitar based rock.

But no. Sensitive songwriter Cat Stevens blared out the car stereo. Angsty stuff about Peace Trains and being followed by a moon shadow.

I’m not saying he was total crap: he wrote the much covered “First Cut is the Deepest’, and also did ‘Here Comes My Baby‘ and “Tuesday’s Dead’ which are pretty good tunes. I’m just saying, I suppose, that you just can’t tell with today’s youth.

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