Message to China: Glenfiddich is the best whisky ever… buy a lot.

Right now.

Forget that silly Lagavulin stuff.

In fact, you can drop all the Lagavulin you’ve been buying up of late onto the NZ market.

We’ll take it off your hands, no worries.

The reason for this message to the emerging world economic super-power and general saviour of our dairy price, as well as probable future funder of current account deficits for the Y Generation….is something I learned this morning.

I’ve been trying to get hold of a bottle of Lagavulin. It is single malt heaven: I find a burst of it about an inch high (that’s 2.5cms to you youngsters) in a tumbler produces the right mix of aroma and flavour and general pleasing effect.

Haven’t found any anywhere, until today: Rumbles in Waring Taylor St.

Bloke there reckoned the only reason he had any was he’d bought up some from the estate of a deceased person.

Apparently the emerging Chinese middle class, as well as developing a taste for NZ protein products, are also pretty keen on Lagavulin. It’s why the stuff is increasingly hard to come by here, and a hell of a lot more expensive when you can get it.

Every silver lining has its cloud, doesn’t it?

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