What I Done In My Holidays

Back from Holiday.

Arthurs Pass.

Lots of Photos, starting on the way in on the train.

Including this awesome photo of a scenic rail tunnel.

Slogged up to Carroll Hut above Otira.

Now, this was bloody fantastic even if the walk up, straight up 700 metres with a fully laden pack (3 days’ food on board) did remind me I’m now well into the middle aged bracket and seriously need to lose about 25kg from around the midriff. The old fuselage is not as streamlined as it once was.

Got woken around midnight the second night by the kiwis. Nice.

As the guy at Arthurs Pass DOC centre commented when I told him on my return: “Isn’t it bloody typical? We go to all that trouble to get the kiwi numbers back up and the little sods keep you awake at night.”

Walked up to Kelly Hill – just over 1400 metres above sea level. There’s a wrecked TVNZ repeater up there – last winter’s storms stuffed it and TVNZ isn’t replacing it: instead they’re telling the 55 residents in Arthurs Pass to sign up to Freeview.

The site – which along with the TVNZ repeater has Telecom and Vodafone masts – looks like something out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Not, unfortunately, the Castle Anthrax scene.

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