Long Weekend

Took the wee musician and budding tramper for a bush walk.

She did well – two hours up to the Korokoro Dam and back. Not a word of complaint. Pretty good for a five year old.

Driving back through town, oh dear, the sevens fever has hit town.

A bunch of guys dressed as Fred Dagg with their girlfriends dressed as sheep. Not a bad take on a very old joke, I suppose.

Around the corner, another bunch of guys dressed as Fred Dagg. No girlfriends with this bunch, although one of them had an inflatable sheep attached to his trousers.

A few years back I met a woman at a party who had just come back from her OE in the UK. ‘I thought I’d do something different, so I went to London and worked in a pub’ was how she rather drolly put it.

First party she went to, a bunch of young NZ blokes got out an inflatable sheep. Oh yeah, she thought, reasonably amusing.

Second party, another bunch of young Kiwi blokes, another inflatable sheep.

Next party, yet another group of young Kiwi males, and yet another inflatable sheep.

This is not doing much for our international reputation, she reckoned.

Oh, and the sevens…a couple of young women dressed like the Topp Twins about 25 years ago. At least I think that is what they were trying to do.

A group of other young women in frocks of bright green, with yellow spots. Sort of like Dorothy the Dinosaur but with better legs.

Today – took the wee one to the Kilbirnie pool. its a long weekend in summer, and of course the management of the Kilbirnie Pool are ready for this: the kiddies pools are closed for maintenance.

It’s a great facility, the Kilbirnie pool. But a very badly managed one.

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