That seven interesting facts thing…

..which did the rounds last year. It turns out I was sort of tagged last year by Home Paddock.

So here goes:

1. I had a job as a street clown in Queen St, Auckland, one University summer break during the late ‘80s recession. I found the more miserable I looked the more people laughed. Bastards. But I looked good. Yellow box around the middle; yellow box lid on the head with streamers and balloons attached, and red tights. It was bloody hot but my legs looked fantastic.

If this recession turns out as bad I suppose I can always dust off those skills again. Like so many important things in life, once you’ve mastered the knack it never really leaves you.

2. Worked as a gardener at University Park/Tamaki Campus when the campus was being built. Planted a lot of the trees there on the campus. This still feels really good.

3. My favourite love song, at the moment anyway, is ‘Lay Back in the Arms of Someone’ by Smokie. It’s corny as hell but I love its warmth. (the lead singer, btw, was busy canning the can with Suzi Quatro at the time).

4. Meanwhile, this song is the first song I ever sang karaoke. It was chosen on the principle that there is no point karaoke-ing good songs. They need to be bad.

5. I once voted Green. Pure protest vote. Three extenuating circumstances: it was 1990, I was in a safe Labour seat (Mt Albert), and I was on the way to a Criminal Law exam. A case for some sort of diminished responsibility can be made, I submit.

6. I’m a confirmed Apple Mac user.

7. I have three novels plotted out (one of which has about 26,000 words written) and one non-fiction book. The non-fiction one is probably the most likely to ever see the light of day.

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