Wet Day in the Dry

Spent most of the day steaming in at Archives NZ:  got so absorbed in what I was doing forgot I’d made vague provisions to have a coffee and catch-up with an ex-colleague.  Sorry Nick, make it Monday…

What engrossed me so much?  Economic reports.  Old Economic reports. 
I am not a well man. 
A useful reminder, going over these reports, just how quickly the NZ economy turns around.  One minute its brown-trousers-and-bicycle-clips time because commodity prices have done a big bungy: next minute there’s a surge in world demand and worried Treasury bods are telling the Minister of Finance he has to restrain the economy and the minister is saying bugger off, I’ve got an election to win…
Mind you, I don’t think our current recession is going to be that quick a turnaround: synchronised world recessions aren’t all that common, and nor is the volume of bad debt currently rotting like old cabbage in the bank vaults. 
Coming out, I popped into the World War One display which is on at Archives NZ at the moment.  I encourage anyone in Wellington to visit this:  it won’t cost you anything except a bit of your time.  And maybe a lump or two in the throat. 

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