Simple pleasures

Leftover spuds.  Couple of eggs.  Fried up with an onion.  Great great meal.

Reasonably healthy too – come on, it had a whole onion in it. Must be good for me. 
And a two hour gym and hill walk workout today gives me the right, I think. 
Washed down with a …no, not beer.  Berrocca.  Actually worked quite well.
Other half is away – pain thing has been pretty bad lately so she’s got a break away –  so don’t have to do the dishes until after breakfast.  Woohoo.  Unless the six year old growls, which isn’t that likely. 
Home made compilation CD on, which I’ve called ‘Power Chords and Pimples’.  The Clash, the Jam, the Pistols, Cheap Trick, Dexys, the Beat, the Specials, Stranglers, Elvis Costello, Pretenders, Ramones[“twenty twenty twenty four hours to go, I wanna be sedated…..”]
Sometimes its nice just to kick back…
Glass of brandy.  Nigh Nighs…

3 thoughts on “Simple pleasures

  1. pull yourself together dude,
    due now,
    this is how you cook spuds,

    slice spud at about 10mm thick,
    bring to boil in pot,
    do not leave work bench while preparing food,
    when spuds are nearly soft lift out,
    drian, and cover wih oil and spice,
    use heavy spice and pepper,

    introduce spuds to fry pan and cook hard,

    later send spuds to oven to settle and mature,
    I advise approx 180 centigrade for 2o minutes,

    more later dude


  2. Paul – by heavy spice you mean what? there’s lots.

    I’d do it with garam masala, or even more likely a Madras curry paste I make.

    But these were leftover spuds. Already cookec-baked in jackets. They fry up well, with onion.


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