Kiwi Music Month Day whateever it is…Sharon O’Neill – Words

…included for historical interest. 1979 was a weird time.

O’Neill had come to fame on TV show New Faces, singing more ballad-ish type numbers sitting at a piano. ‘Lucks on your Table’ etc. Voice a bit like Linda Ronstadt, songs a bit like Carole King.

Then she put this out and upset the oldies. It was a bit too modern.

It had an electric guitar.

She wore tight jeans and leaned on the mike-stand like that reckless rocker Billy Joel.

She had a perm.

She burned off one demographic and never really convinced the other, although I suspect this clip has a place in the heart for blokes who were about the same age as I was (15). I recall a conversation at school after this was shown on Ready to Roll. It covered many aspects of the performance, with one point of contention being whether or not she was wearing a bra.

I suspect it was her biggest hit, but I don’t know that for sure and I’m blowed if I’ll look it up.

Look at the audience. Party-ville NZ, late 70s. The guys doing that great dance a lot of us did – stand on one spot and sort of shuffle a bit, and definitely don’t move your arms, otherwise people will think you’re gay.

My wife recalls me dancing like this the first night we met. If she’s in the right mood, she’ll give a demonstration.

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