I am not fit to blog…

…or so it seems.

I’ve done a couple of Youtube links for Kiwi Music Month and they haven’t turned up yet.  They may yet do so – there is sometimes a lag. 
They were of Danse Macabre’s ‘Between the Lines’ and a clip of Karen Hay talking on Radio with Pictures. 
Egg -cullunt
Bugger of a week.  Got some bloody chest infection.  More seriously, also were told this morning Better Half needs urgent operation tomorrow. 
I may be offline for a bit. At least until after the Budget.
Will do a Kiwi Music catch up then.  
In the meantime, Six Great Kiwi Songs I’ve been unable to find clips for:
  1. ‘Frantic Drift’ – The Chills
  2. ‘Sex and Agriculture’ – Dance Exponents
  3. ‘Sometimes Nothing’ – Daggy and the Dickheads
  4. ‘Don’t Shoot Down the Only Woman to Ever Love You And Don’t Put the Blame On Someone Else’ – Otis Mace Guitar Ace
  5. Untameable‘ – Desert Road
  6. ‘Crisis after Crisis’ – the Verlaines.

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