Kiwi Music Month 3 songs for final day – 3 – The Clean: Anything Could Happen

Ahh… One of those ‘moment’ songs. Straight out of school, straight out of the country, to Wellington Polytech journalism course. Walking down Devon St to Polytech and hearing this coming out of one of the student flats and thinking, that’s just how I feel….

3 thoughts on “Kiwi Music Month 3 songs for final day – 3 – The Clean: Anything Could Happen

  1. I remember that day… in the end you passed, I flunked.
    Ian Wishart was the rather weird star and then there were those other light weights, Brent Edwards, Kerri Woodham and Simon Kilroy.
    I always wondered what happened to the guy who had to wash his hands every time he touched a type writer (god typewriters that is old).
    Then there was Jane, who I always had a deep crush on and Bob who was so kind to me.
    I hate reunions, but that would be one I would go to…
    Wasn’t Victoria in that class as well and Samson and a guy who I flatted with but whose name slips me by now…
    Then there was Peter, who was so cool and sophisticated to me at the time
    But as The Clean said… Anything could happen… and it did


  2. Ian, you pretty much ALL seemed cool and sophisticated to me. I was straight out of the cowshed and felt it.

    The washy hand guy was Greg Dally. I used to see him fairly frequently in Auckland. He was a brilliant writer – he actually won the feature prize on the course. I saw some of his other stuff and it was good, if a little weird. There was no way he was going to fit into a newsroom though. I last saw him about a decade ago, he was hitching through Wellington.

    Nigel Fitzpatrick is one guy I wonder what happened to. He intially went to the Taupo Times but I don’t know what happened after that.


  3. I was a 16 year old from Wainui. I was so seriously not cool… Nigel I do not recall. Jim Scott was my old flat mate.. It all comes back to me know.
    There was a guy who lived in Newlands, who was young and scared like me… was that Nigel.
    Bob was a sub on the press and then went to the Herald, I lost touch with him after that.
    I wonder where they have sent all the old subs to


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