The Beatles – Hey Bulldog in the studio

Back in the late 60s the only time I remember seeing musical clips was when they were jammed in between programmes to fill a gap. The word ‘Interlude’ could come up. More often than not it was an orchestral version of ‘Do You Know the Way to San Jose’ being played with a film of a steam engine. My brother and I used to call that ‘The Interlude Song’.

I remember seeing a musical clip at my aunt’s – this would have been mid- 1968, and I was four – and being told it was The Beatles. I could never recall the song – the only thing I remembered was one of them, at the end,  picking up his jacket and throwing it over his shoulder.

Discovered recently, through Youtube, the song was ‘Lady Madonna’.

This clip is from the film which went with that, but – obviously – the song is not ‘Lady Madonna’

The tale goes they wanted to film the Beatles in the studio to go with the ‘Lady Madonna’ single and they figured, since they were in the studio anyway, they’d record a song.

The Lady Madonna clip has them singing and playing and at no point do the words and singing and playing match the tune, but that was pretty common in those days anyway.

A few years ago someone went back to the film, unscrambled it and put this together.

The song is one of Lennon’s nonsense numbers, in the same vein as the more well known ‘I Am the Walrus’. I like it for a lot of reasons, one of the big ones being it hasn’t been played so often any magic has long since departed, which is how I feel about most of the Beatles output.

It’s also got some great playing. The bass in particular, along with that nagging rhythm guitar riff. Ringo’s drums are heavier on the tomtoms than usual, and the lead guitar break is a great little slash and burner.

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