NZ book month – no. 14 – "Slinky Malinki" by Lynley Dodd

This collection of four Slinky Malinki stories has become something of a – now rather battered – icon in our house.

My daughter has autism (relatively mild) and global developmental delay. She is six and, until fairly recently, her spoken language has been that of an 18-month/2 year old.
Earlier this year this became the compulsory bedtime book. All four stories.
And after a bit, she started saying the words herself. She has now committed some of them to memory and recites them to her toys. I went past her bedroom the other day and she had Dorothy the Dinosaur and a couple of other dollies she has been given lined up on the bed and I could hear, somewhat haltingly, the words
Slinky Malinki jumped high off the floor
He swung on a handle and opened the door
So this book will, I think, always have a special place in my heart.
Beyond that, Lynley Dodd is brilliant. It is actually very difficult indeed to write stories which can be easily read, even for adults: writing them in rhyming form, for small children, even more so.
A lot of children’s books fail miserably at this. Dodd is head and shoulders above most of them.

3 thoughts on “NZ book month – no. 14 – "Slinky Malinki" by Lynley Dodd

  1. It's a wonderful moment when a child starts to read for herself. All the more so for a child who is experiencing difficulty in learning to communicate.

    I'm very, very impressed that you read all four stories (every night?) to your daughter. We tended to stop after two.


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