Leaps and Bounds


Australia Day.

Scanning my CD collection recnelty I noticed there’s a disproportionate number of Aussie artists: Cold Chisel, the Cruel Sea, Hunters and Collectors and Paul Kelly being the main ones, but also a few outriders like the Black Sorrows and Tex Don and Charlie.

Paul Kelly captures my mood best today, so here’s “Leaps and Bounds”, off the ‘Gossip’ Album.

There used to be an actual clip of this, filmed on the top of the MCG, but its been taken down.


The song has a fantastic warmth and a love of place. Especially that bit that goes ‘down past the river, and across the playing fields….’

While we’re at it: off the same album, a live version of the much blacker ‘Adelaide’.

Great opening line:

‘The wisteria on the back verandah are still blooming
And all the great aunts are either insane or dead.’

The man’s a poet.

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