I normally have a fairly strong stomach for some of the games and hypocrisies of politics, and it takes a lot to make the needle on my personal Outrage-ometer move.

But the political response to the court decision which says carers of disabled can be paid the minimum wage for sleepovers sticks in my craw.

National can find the money for BMWs for ministers but can’t find the money to pay carers for the disabled the minimum wage for sleepovers.

That’s not a cheap shot.  Ministers have made noises about how their hands are tied on the issue of the luxury cars –  but they clearly didn’t try very hard to free their hands.

On the issue of minimum wage to pay carers for the disabled?  Wriggle wriggle, desperate wriggle.  They’re even talking a law change.

Labour are no better.  In office, they fought the carers tooth and nail on this issue.  They didn’t give a damn about them.

Yesterday Labour MPs’ nauseating glee at the decision turned my stomach. The callous and nasty political games being played on this are absolutely despicable.

‘Sleepover’ care for disabled people usually involves broken sleep.  (one outfit I know just calls them ‘wakeovers’ – but then that outfit also pays above the minimum wage.  A number of providers do, in fact -but the largest, IHC, does not).

It is hardly glamorous work, it often involves cleaning up shit and piss and trying to calm down frightened and anxious people who cannot communicate, or be communicated with, very easily.

They deserve better than to be politicians’ playthings.

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