That last post?  The one with the screenshot from Google Maps?  It is where a tramping trip began last Sunday.

And ended there, too.  Prematurely.

There are other people I need to inform of the whole thing, including my osteopath and, perhaps, ACC, although they’re a bit more toey these days about back injuries….and also a couple of mates who I had planned to go tramping with over the next couple of months.  It looks like lugging anything large and full of scroggin around on my back is going to be a bit of a no-no for a bit.

Typing this is bloody hard, actually, MORE ANTI FLAMM NEEDED.

I did manage some tramping. Left that carpark and went in to Aspiring Hut.  Back felt a bit iffy from the start and after about 20 minutes was even more iffy, like iffy as in WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME.  iffy.

I did stay in there a couple of nights, because (a) by the time it was hurting enough to turn back the hut was closer than the start and (b) Presbyterian bloody-mindedness PAIN IS GOOD FOR YOU YOU SLACK BASTARD.

I did take some good photos and if technology is being reasonably gracious and/or the residue of antiflam on my fingers isn’t caused me to push the wrong button, these are below, or at least somewhere on this page.

You’ll have to find them yourself. It hurts me to point.

The last is from the drive out, but I like it. The first is from the Aspiring Hut, the second is on the way in.  This area is usually covered in snow by this time of the year – the conditions are more like April than June at the moment.


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