A rare recommendation

A neighbour who is a professional wine taster occasionally donates a brace or trio of wine bottles our way, with only the first couple of inches missing.

We get on very very well with all our neighbours, but this one, especially.

Anyway, we got to sample this magnificent choice recently – Ostler Caroline’s Pinot Noir.

Now, I’ve often been rude about NZ red wines. Historically, the rare good ones are way over-priced, and you could get an equal or even better Aussie red for roughly $10 less.

And the fashion for pinot noir has mostly left me dubious – I’ve had some good Central Otago ones, but any I’ve had from other regions taste too thin for my liking.

This baby – we had the 2009 vintage – is magnificent. I’ll leave the usual jargon about berryfruit and the like to them what does such stuff.

Let me just say this is a full, palate-stonkeringly great brew. The flavour and body is as strong as any good Aussie red, only more polite and subtle, because we’re Kiwis.

Yeah, the price is pretty steep.  We’d never have tried it if we’d had to buy it.  This is very much a special occasion wine. But if you’ve got one of those occasions, this is a goodie.

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