Maybe we’re doing it wrong.

Disconsolately picking at a cold roast lamb sandwich this lunchtime, contemplating the week’s more important news items.

The NZ dollar has, of course, been giving us a real world demonstration of that old saying about eagles soaring and getting sucked into jet engines.  Or something.

Other pieces of news have been more disquieting.

Firstly there is this, the revelation a 25 year old bloke managed to steal stuff from a Navy ammunition dump.

The burglary happened on the weekend:  the navy reported it to the cops on Monday.

I would have loved to have been in the North Short cop shop that morning, when the Rear Admiral dropped in and said, please sir, some P addict lowlife nicked some stuff from our ammo dump.

Isn’t the whole point of having a navy is they’re supposed to, you know, defend stuff like this?

Fire the bloody bloke in charge of this ammo dump – find the bloke who broke in there and make him Chief of Defence Staff or something like that.  We need him, clearly.

At around the same time, this bloke built himself a hovercraft.

Ok, it killed him and all, but it seems to me that he was showing the sort of initiative which the bloke who nicked stuff from the Navy also showed and which the Navy themselves seemed to be lacking.

Another missed opportunity, I fear.

If the Swedes can produce someone trying to split atoms on their stove, we can do better than this.

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