What’s wrong with daylight saving

I’ve never been a huge fan of ‘daylight saving’ – a silly term for basically buggering about with the clocks. (yes I know ‘Buggering About With The Clocks Time’ instead of ‘Daylight Saving Time’ is a bit convoluted.  It has the greater virtue, though, of accuracy).

No, it isn’t that it fades the curtains, as someone famously grizzled when it was first introduced. 

Nor is it, totally, due to memories of having to get the cows up early, something I wrote about once before.

Daylight saving, I have decided, is discriminatory.

There is no particular reason why the clocks are shifted back when we switch into ‘NZ Summer Time’ (don’t make me laugh) to take advantage of the longer daylight hours.

Is there any particular reason why it is assumed people will need the extra daylight hours at the end of the day?

Why not in the morning?

This is where the discrimination comes in: daylight saving is Nightist. It penalises those of us who are ‘morning people’ or ‘larks’ and favours those who are ‘night people’ or ‘owls’.  (We should probably find an NZ bird equivalent of this. ‘Moreporks’ is an obvious replacement for owls, but I’m not sure about morning. Tuis, maybe.)

Someone should do a study on this.  I harbour dark suspicions that those of us who are morning bods (yep, I’m one) are not as productive during NZ Summer Time.

This has got to have an impact on GDP.

We will never catch Australia by 2025 if we’re going to penalise some of our most productive citizens in this way.

And besides, those of us who are morning bods don’t get to stay as late at the summer barbecues.

It’s just not fair.

2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with daylight saving

  1. Yes!

    Since most people aren't sensible enough to shift south where it's light until much later in summer I could accept mucking about with clocks in summer when the sun's up earlier and for longer.

    But daylight saving doesn't need to start in late winter/very early spring and finish in late autumn.

    By the time the clocks go back in April we're getting only a couple of more minutes light in the morning than we do in mid winter, sigh mutter mumble.


  2. I'm a night owl but agree the daylight saving is an unnecessary hassle. Far better to avoid the change and simply leave the clocks on daylight saving time all year.

    You folks who go to bed early, and get up early are missing the best part of the day. Night!


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