Illogical nonsense on the Turin Shroud

I see there’s now a claim the Turin Shroud may be geniune after all.   The story doesn’t quite bear out the headline – the scientists have only concluded that they don’t actually know what might have caused the images of a crucified man to appear on the cloth.

That is not quite the same as saying, we don’t know, therefore God did it.

But here’s the thing:  even if God did do it, is this really such a good advert for God?

If there is a Supreme Being has the power to perform miracles, shouldn’t this Supreme Being do some useful ones?

I mean, if this Being has that sort of power, shouldn’t this Supreme Being perform a miracle and, to take a topical example,  prevent this sort of child abuse rather than just make some strange marks on a bit of cloth?

It seems to me that anyone who venerates the Turin Shroud as some sort of sign from God has seriously got their wires crossed.

If it is a “sign” from God, its a very dubious one.

POSTSCRIPT: I got a bit of offline feedback on this one, and a few links.  For the sake of clarity here:  my point is that if the Turin Shroud were what its adherents say it is, it would be a very poor advertisement for God.  I don’t believe the shroud is what its adherents say it is.

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