Paper Dolls – IQU featuring Betty-Anne Monga (rare 1984 video)

For Koywoy Musik Munff.

This is dance music, which I usually avoid in the same way a vampire avoids garlic crucifixes. But I loved the EP this came off, ‘Witchcraft’.

It’s got quite a few things going for it. One is Betty Monga’s truly great voice, which mournfully, elegantly soars here. (The core members of this group went on to form Ardijah, which had quite a bit of success at the time).

Another is the line ‘everyday somebody tries to complicate our future’ which as a 20 year old in mid 1980s New Zild, had a certain resonance.

It’s a classic video clip in other ways: the hair, the clothes, but also they all look so young and nervous.

This is 30 years old, which feels extremely vertiginous.

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